The next generation of Gaming, 1-0 to Sony

Japanese tech giants Sony have unveiled the 4th instalment of their enormously popular Playstation series.

The gaming console, that was officially exposed at this year’s E3 Trade show in Los Angeles, California, have been hotly anticipated.

Though many of the console’s textures and updates were announced in February, Sony had kept potential consumers guessing on some important information, including the general design of the PS4.

Andrew House, Head and Group CEO of SCE, said that the Playstation 4 represents, in some ways, a very new Playstation.

Perhaps the news that has many people discussing could be the announcement that the Playstation 4 will seriously undercut its nearest rival, Microsoft’s Xbox One, on price. Mr. House unveiled the Playstation 4 could be offered at US $399 (£349) upon release, whilst, at the same exhibition, Microsoft had previously revealed how the Xbox One will be US $499 (£429).

One more imperative announcement came when it is revealed that Sony wouldn’t be introducing any limitations on second user games. Actually, the Playstation 4 will not even need gamers to regularly verify their consoles via the Internet to be able to continue play.

Conversely, Microsoft has added more restrictions concerning who a player can purchase second-hand titles from. The company has even gone as far as to need Xbox One gamers to connect to the web once each day so they can use their machine.

According to Sony, there is approximately 140 Playstation 4 games currently in progress, with 100 roughly expected to go for sale within the Playstation 4’s 1st year of issue. Industry insiders have speculated that Sony are attempting to reach out to independent designers, mainly those who feel stifled by Microsoft.

Drawing a tremendous cheer out of the spectators, Jack Tretton, boss of SEA stated, “PS4 won’t impose any new limitations for your use of PS4 game discs,”

BBC correspondent Dave Lee reported that, “If console battles were decided through the frequency and volume of whoops and cheers from highly strung games fanatics, then Sony has won it hands down”.

The present Sony console, the Playstation 3, outsold Microsoft’s Xbox 360 by a good margin, but was in turn outsold by Nintendo’s Wii. It’s consideration that Sony are trying to rectify this with the release of the PS4.

Sony’s announcement has been seen by some like a calculated strike against Microsoft, with’s UK Editor-in-Chief Alex Simmons recounting it as a very public slap across Microsoft’s face.

Sony declined to provide a release date for their new machine, but tenaciously hinted that the PS4 ought to turn up around Christmas time.