The kenwood earpiece, what two way radios and connectors are they used on?

The best choices are the 2-pin connector as well as the multi-pin connector. The two pin type features two connector pins plus the multi-pin model features multiple pins. Any distinction in functionality may be a matter of client discretion.

The two-pin connector’s earpiece features an in-line PTT (push-to-talk) key and a built-in mic. It also offers a surveillance audio tube and comes complete with a apparel clip. This Kenwood earpiece is for just over £20 (excluding shipping and handling fees).

The multi-pin connected earpiece is a different type of connector totally. However, the earpiece is the same, since it also features an in-line PTT switch, a built-in mic, surveillance tube and clothing clip. The price is a little bit more than the 2 pin variety.

Both varieties of Kenwood earpiece might be upgraded by paying extra money and can include features like the ‘swivel’ earloop, for increased easy use and luxury, a noise-reduction feature with the steel clothing clip (replacing the synthetic version).

The types of connectors similar with Kenwood radios are limited when compared with some other manufacturers, but Kenwood identify when to focus on a certain area, because at times less is more.

Kenwood two way radios may only link via two types of connector, but their gear is among one of the best in the world. A Kenwood 2 way radio customer will not have to spend undue time probing his/her options and researching them before purchase, provided the connector/earpiece falls into one of their two aforementioned categories, then the equipment works fine.

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