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Can you connect to social networks on a smart TV?

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As its launch in 2004, ‘Facebook’ has made it as an enormous success story, albeit not one without controversy. Plenty of controversy. But I am not here to discuss that. I’m here to tell you a little about social networking and why it is a welcome addition to any Smart TV.

In some ways taking off through the now forgotten ‘Myspace’ and the plethora of imitators it left in its wake, Facebook emerged as champion of those social networks, (until the next one comes along, that is). Facebook has occupied the Web with a clever exploitation of these three ever-reliable ideas:  Continue reading

Using your Smart Tv for net Surfing

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Today, as in the very moment you read this, I’m sure that somebody, somewhere out there across the great landscapes that structure planet Earth, has a conversation about what they like best: Television on the Internet.

It’s a noteworthy query, in fact. The primary difference between the 2 (as both are mainly sedentary, linking staring at a display for an extended time frame) is that web browsing is an energetic (or preferably, interactive) activity, whereas TV is mostly a passive one. Continue reading

What apps can be found on the conventional Smart TV

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Harking back to time of GCSE science, I tend to think of the term ‘application’ generally meaning ‘practical usage’ as a exceptionally irritating section of these seemingly countless worksheets we had to pack out, now so we could set fire to a bit. The ‘application’ part was the spot where you needed to say what (if any) world, useful value your experiments had, which, as it seems, wasn’t usually a great deal in my case. I recall a classmate pretty maliciously soaking a spider in hydrochloric acid once, but I doubted, even at age fifteen and 3 quarters, that it would become a well-liked form of pest control. Continue reading