New-fangled Modem Can Help African Internet Access

An innovative modem is being manufactured purposely for use in Africa.

Launched at this month’s TEDGlobal Expo in Edinburgh, the modem is anticipated to allow a far greater degree of Online connectivity athwart the continent.

The device, which has been formally called BRCK, will accomplish its goals by switching between Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and normal broadband.

BRCK has been announced by Kenyan firm Ushahidi (which translates from Swahili as ‘testimony’). Ushahidi offer open-source application that is used throughout a variety of African nations, also as Japan and South America, amongst others.

Reliable, nonstop Internet connectivity can be a irritating prospect throughout the African continent.

Juliana Rotich, chief of Ushahidi said, “While Africa may have joining the digital revolution and cellular is becoming ubiquitous, Internet connectivity isn’t always dependable also the price of connecting is high” she then added “We get online and then there’s a power cut and we are plunged into darkness plus the Internet connection goes down.”

The essential idea behind BRCK was to make a modem that was Africa-specific, dealing with all the a range of challenges presented through the continent.

In an effort to beat African electrical energy shortages, BRCK will let African consumers to stay connected even if the energy shorts out.

The BRCK will use an 8hr battery, largely to beat said energy shortages, also as particular cloud-based software program that allows the consumer to test WiFi signal strength and availability of electricity.

The modem can connect with approximately twenty devices at a time and is built to be robust and durable when traversing harsh land. Ushahidi’s company motto is “if it works in Africa, it will work anywhere”

Essentially, BRCK works by making use of several networks besides only one, making the chances of obtaining a signal that much better. An extra antenna, designed to boost signal strength, is going to be used for gaining Internet access in the more remote areas of that continent.

Ushahidi is hoping that this innovative product helps to spearhead a rise in the production of added Africa-specific hardware in the near future.

The BRCK proved to become a popular addition to the Edinburgh-based conference. It could be released in November with a price tag of £130. Pre order options are available now.